Jonathan Marshall Music

Since first picking up a guitar at the age of 8 years old Jonathan has become a very accomplished musician. For over 40 years he has polished his finger style playing which includes flavours of blues, jazz, rock, classical and flamenco. He sights Tommy Emmanuel as being his biggest influence. 

He started writing songs while still a teenager and was front man to several bands through the nineties touring the UK, Canada, USA and Australia. He toured the UK with Elkie Brookes in 2002. 

His first solo album 'The Peregrine' was released in 1994 and became the 'Our Price' best selling album over the Christmas period of that year.

Second album 'Everybody said' was recorded by Jermain Jordan of Jam Music Management and released for his UK tour with Elkie Brooke's in 2002. 

Third Album 'Older but no wiser' was released in 2014. it included 10 original songs written by Jonathan during a difficult time in his life.

Fourth album 'Free Spirits' was released in April 2018 and will became the soundtrack to his 'Free Spirits Show' which toured the UK.

Fifth album ' Wild Horses' was released in July 2019. It included 5 original songs and 5 cover versions of old songs. Track 4 was a cover of the 1980's hit 'Amadeus' by Falco and became the into music for Jonathan's stunning Friesian during his 'Return of the Back Stallion' show. Track 10 is a modern version of the Rolling Stones song 'Wild Horses' and was featured during his live shows when the horses were released to run free around the arena bringing many audience members to tears.


Free Spirits

Wild Horses

The Peregrine

Everybody said

Older but no wiser