Artwork and Illustrations

I have been producing artwork my entire life and it remains one of my greatest passions. To be a creative person is part of being human and it helps me express my emotions and thoughts. I have explored all kinds of techniques and disaplines from watercolour, acrylic, oil to pencil, charcoal and most recently digital art. I believe that art should have no rights and no wrongs. There should be no rules to self expression and that is why I prefer to use “mixed medium” to produce my artwork. In the same way that an orchestra needs many different instruments to create the complete symphony so too an artist can have many different tools to create his masterpiece.

I have been asked to produce artwork for many people of their favourite animal or loved one. It has lead me to produce what I call “ Legacy Paintings”. I not only produce  a portrait of the person but also I include other personal eliments such as their favourite place or special pet. This helps to not only p0rtray their image but also gives an insight to what they are like as a character. I was inspired to produce these paintings after seeing an image of a gentleman who had recently passed away. It was a great comfort to the family but also a lovely tribute to the life of the person. Also these paintings act as a kind of time capsual because a painting of somebody as they are now can be a wonderful way of capturing the present day such as a birthday, wedding or indeed any other special event or occassion.



I produce these framed paintings on canvas and have 2 starndard sizes ( although custome sizes can be produced by special arrangement)

Please contact me to discuss your enquiry by email or call +447863518812







Small framed canvas

Large framed canvas