In the spring of 2018 Jonathan got a message from a friend who said they had seen a beautiful Friesian horse online who's owner was desperately trying to find a suitable home for him. He was an unbroken 10 year old stallion who had never been ridden and was therefor a special case. Jonathan knew instantly that he had to have him and arranged for the horse to be transported to his stables in Cornwall. When he arrived it became obvious that the horse had Chronic progressive lymphedema (CPL) which if left untreated can become a crippling condition. Jonathan was born and raised in Southport where the famous racehorse 'Redrum' was stabled and trained by legendary racehorse trainer Ginger McCain. 'Rummy' as he was affectionately known also suffered from bad feet but was cured by his regular trips to the sea. Jonathan hoped that the natural healing power of the salt water would have the same effect on the stallion. A very special relationship was formed and the pair became a regular sight on the beach at Bude, Cornwall.

Within 6 months 'Amadeus', as he became known, was taking part in Jonathan's displays and became the main show horse in his 2019 show "Return of the Black stallion". His popularity quickly spread and he now enjoys the admiration he receives from thousands of fans all around the world.