Connect and consciousness

 After a lifetime of working with and helping horses and falcons Jonathan has developed an ability to communicate with many kinds of creatures on a spiritual level. This ability and awarenesses comes from being immersed in the lives of these extremely sensitive creatures for many years. Both horses and falcons operate at a level of consciousness that most human beings are not able to understand and they are able to react to vibration in many of its forms to a degree which is undetectable to the vast majority of people. After spending decades working with these creatures on a daily basis it is not surprising that Jonathan had to develop the ability to communicate with them on their terms because animals do not posses the ability to be able talk. This process involves the ability to "listen" to animals in a none audible way and to be able to understand what they are thinking, feeling and experiencing. It also involves being able to communicate with them through body language, vibration and at a spiritual level.

These skills which have been acquired over many years can be applied to people and it is no surprise that Jonathan has developed a natural ability to be able to connect with audiences and individuals.

I was approached so many times by people who told me that I was a natural medium or healer. I found the whole idea of that a bit creepy and strange so I dismissed it for a long time and told myself that I thought it was all part of being a good showman. However, it happened so often that I decided to look into it further and realised that if I actually did possess an ability to be able to help people then it would be a terrible shame if I did not use it. Now that I have accepted it and educated myself about how I can use my ability to help other people I find incredibly rewarding. I love to give motivational talks and spread my positive light whenever possible. I believe that the world needs more light especially at the moment and by helping people to understand truth, light and consciousness is a wonderful thing.

I qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2022 and have been delighted to be able to help people ever since. I realise that I have actually been using hypnosis for a very long time without even realising it.

The main thing I have helped people with is confidence. So many people suffer from a lack of confidence and low self  esteem because of society and complex issues such as media and popular culture. Using my experience with horses and falcons I am able to show clients how it is possible to be able to unlearn all the pressure that the modern world puts on people.


Jonathan Marshall