About Us

Ever since I was young I have had people tell me that I was a free spirit. I used to hate being told that and always denied it. It used to seem to me that it meant that I was irresponsible and undisciplined. My grandma told me that I was a law un to myself. After years of trying to prove to her that she was wrong I have finally come to realise that she is absolutely right and now I have learned to accept it and actually embrace it. 

To be free spirited is not merely a choice. It is engrained in your personality and dictates to you pretty much all of your life choices. However, life experiences can also push you towards living a free spirited existence. 

I am sure that working with falcons and horses for so many years has had an effect on my outlook on life. 

They live very much 'in the moment'. They do not think about the future or the past. Their only concern is for the 'now'. They need very little to feel content. Just food, warmth and shelter. They are not impressed by wealth, status, education, family connections, rank or file. Just gentleness, kindness and compassion. Animals have a wonderful ability to read people within seconds and their instinct is almost always right. 

I am one of the least materialistic people you will ever meet. In fact, the less I have the better. We spend our entire lives collecting things that we really don't need. Our minds are constantly being brain washed by society to buy more and more. We end up storing things in attics or garages and often can't bear the idea of getting rid of things that we emotionally attach ourselves to. Some people lust after jewellery such as diamonds and gold. I have never been able to understand that. To me it is just a piece of metal and stone. I can see that some of it is pretty, but I can't see why people spend thousands of pounds on it. There is so much real beauty everywhere that people overlook. For example look at the beauty of a feather or a leaf. Look at the amazing beauty of a spiders web or a sea shell. That to me is real beauty and the best of it is, it's free. 

Animals don't have the ability to lie. They are just what they are and they make no excuse for it. How wonderful that is, in the same way that a young child is honest and therefor real. A toddler has not yet learned to be tactful or manipulative. They say what they think and sometimes come out with the most profound things. Gradually life chips away at them and they learn to become guarded and careful about what they say. Don't get me wrong, I am very much in favour of having good manners and being polite but real honesty is quite a rare thing. We are programmed from the moment we are born to behave in a certain way. Often the fear of being ridiculed is the thing that stops people from being true to themselves. How many people have spent years of their life suppressing feelings that they have been taught to be ashamed of? Freedom of self expression and self love. Feeling free to express emotion whether it be laughter or sadness.