Over the years Jonathan has worked with many beautiful horses. Most of them have been Andalusian or Lusitano but he has also had several Friesian and Arab horses too.

The Spanish horse is a very noble, loyal and intelligent breed. They are extremely trainable and love to work. Their natural beauty is a large part of their appeal with long flowing manes and muscular build. They have a charisma all of their own and love to be the centre of attention. Most of the horses Jonathan has worked with have been stallions and for good reason. They have enormous presence and are extremely affectionate.

One of the most satisfying aspects of Jonathan's work has been to find abused horses that needs to be helped and then find it a loving home. Over the years he travelled to Spain many times and found such horses that have then become part of his shows for a year or two before finding their forever home with loving owners.

Below is a list fo some of the Jonathan's show horses that you may have seen over the years. Some of them are still part of his shows today where as some have been retired. 

Sultan ( Arabian) 2004-2008

Alder ( Arabian) 2006- 2008

Tulio ( Lusitano) 2008 - 20017

Black Prince ( Friesian 2009-2011)

Salvador ( Andalusian) 2010- 2019

Opportuno JJ ( Andalusian) 2015-2016

Hojaldre ( Andalusian) 2015-2016

Silver ( Andalusian) 2015-2017

Finito ( Andalusian) 2016-2017

Lan Coronel ( Andalusian) 2016-2018

Picasso ( Lusitano) 2017 - 2019

Amadeus ( Friesian) 2018 - current

New horse for 2020 to be announced soon!


"The more I learn about people the more I love my horses" 

( Jonathan Marshall )



Tulio. 2015

Lan Coronel 2017

Amadeus and Salvador 2018

Picasso 2019