Hang  gliding and Sky diving with eagles and falcons


Having worked with birds of prey for so many years it is no surprise that Jonathan developed a fascination for flying. It was a curiosity which drove him to learn how to sky dive and hang glide with his beloved birds. After traveling to Australia to tour the country with his music in 1995 he met and befriended Neil Mersham who was a hang gliding instructor in Byron Bay. He told Neil of his desire to learn to fly with his raptors. Neil agreed to teach Jonathan how to fly hang gliders and after returning to the UK in March 1996 Jonathan trained one of his favourite falcons, Finley, to accompany him as the pair soared high above the Devon cliffs at Woolacombe.

In 2004 Jonathan acquired his famous Golden Eagle Samson. After rehabilitating him for a year Jonathan trained him to fly along side him in his hang glider. This story was featured in the National Geographic and was featured in many TV programmes around the world.

This lead Jonathan on yet another journey of discovery which would include sky diving with falcons and paragliding with Red Kites. He gained unique knowledge of these aerial predator's world and allowed him to film them from the air using Mico lite aircraft. His birds were featured in the BBC award winning series Earth Flight.