The Falcons


Jonathan first became a falconer in 1983 and over the years has flown many different kinds of birds of prey including, eagles, hawks, falcons, kites, futures and owls. His favourite kind of raptors to fly are the falcons or 'long wings' as they are known. For shows and displays it is important to have a bird that is  reliable, fast and beautiful. The Peregrine x Lanner falcon has proven to be the best birds for the job. They have the speed and determination of the Peregrine falcon yet the agility and amiable temperament of the Lanner falcon. Plus the hybrid falcon is more adaptable to flying in warm weather yet has the power to be able to cope with strong windy conditions.

The current team of display falcons consist of 4 Peregrine x Lanner falcons and 2 Gyr x Lanner falcons.

Duchess, Morwenna, Aria and Sonnet are sister from the same parents but were hatched in different years. Their father is a Scottish Peregrine tiercel and their mother is a Moroccan Lanner falcon.

Odin and Nero are brothers from the same year. Their father is an Icelandic white Gyr falcon and their mother is a Moroccan Lanner falcon.





In flight

Hooded falcons