Below is a list of my 3 books to date. I have enjoyed writing them so much and am delighted with the feedback that I get from thousands of people who have read them. I also enjoy producing the illustrations which accompanies the books. I want to take the reader on a journey into my imaginary world where life is far simpler and fairer. 

I spent a lot of time producing the films which accompany each book and narrated them myself. This means that it is possible to read the story and also have it read to you at the same time.

I am busy writing more books as I type this and am excited to see where my mind allows us to go. I can promise one thing. It will be full of wonder, nature's miracles and beauty. I hope you come with me

Spirit the fastest bird in the world

'Spirit’ the falcon is not only the most beautiful and impressive of all but she is wise and honest. She is strong and brave and completely unafraid to stand in the bright spotlight of her own conscience and truth.  

This book is designed to appeal to all ages with colourful illustrations. I purposely wrote this to be open to the interpretation of the reader.   

You can read it as just a simple story about a falcon or if you have the desire to think deeply you will find multiple levels and meanings.  

There is also a film which accompanies the book which can be viewed by scanning the QR code on the inside of each copy. It was filmed in North Cornwall on the cliffs above Crackington Haven. This is the exact spot where I spent many hours with my own falcons while I was writing this book.

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Amadeus the story of the black horse

This heart warming story follows the life of Amadeus from the day he was born. He faces numerous situations which forces him to question his own feelings and decisions. He has an encounter with his own consciousness during a dream and learns to accept life and grow into his own wisdom.  

There is a film that accompanies this book which can be viewed by scanning the QR code which is inside the book itself.


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Amadeus and the winter's tale 


Amadeus and the winter's tale is a story about growth, acceptance and some of life's challenges. It follows the journey of this beautiful, gentle horse and his link to his past as well as his love for his present. 

It is beautifully illustrated by the author and readers can view the movie which accompanies the book by scanning the QR code that can be found on the inside of the front pages.  

This is a feel good story which was written with Christmas in mind and  is suitable for all ages. 

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