Audio Story MP3's

Everybody loves a good story. I am no exception but I also love to tell my stories. It is not always possible for people to come and see us live, either at one of my story telling events or indeed at one of my Free Spirit shows. So with this in mind I decided to record my stories and have them available to download as an MP3 file so people can hear them and listen to them whenever they want. I have recorded all of my books and my live show with all the sound effects as well as background music so it feels like you are actually there. Whenever I write my books I always include a QR code so that people can scan it and get the film or audio version. You can download my count MP3s below or get them for free by becoming a member of my website where you have full access to all of my content. I hope you enjoy listening to them.



Click on any of the links below to purchase and download any of my stories:

Free Spirits live show

The hole in the roof

The currency of my life

The man in the grey suit

The morning feed