Motivational Speaking and story telling

Motivational Speaking 

Jonathan Marshall is an exremely  powerful and entertaining motivational speaker and his public performances have become legendary. He has taken his inspiring message to thousands of people from large audiences in stadiums and theatres to small village halls and schools all over the UK and abroad. His unique talent of communication has audiences laughing hysterically one minute and crying with emotion the next. His positivity and sense of humour is matched by his ability to tackle sensitive subjects and make people think about the biggest questions in life.

Story Telling

Story telling is an art and some people just happen to have the knack of being able to paint pictures with words. We all love good stories whether they are factual or fiction. When a story is based on real life experience it can be so moving that it can effect people in a very powerful way. A good story teller is not afraid to go off script or even abandon a script all together. To be able to ad lib a tale yet stick to the narrative can result in fascinating and sometimes hysterically funny avenues. Jonathan Marshall has the ability to "guild the lilly" and yet keep his audiences on the edge of their seats. It is a rare and special skill.