Jonathan Marshall has earned his reputation as the world's leading horseback falconer over the last 35 years. He has performed his breathtaking shows at some of the largest outdoor events in the UK. This totally unique spectacle includes flying elite show falcons from highly trained Spanish and Friesian stallions which are trained in the art of high school. As well as performing Piaffe, Reverencia, Passage, Spanish Walk and Levade both horses and falcons work together in a carefully choreographed ballet which is performed to beautiful music. The spectacle reaches its climax when the falcons fly right through the horses legs at over 100 mph. Costume and showmanship make this a display like no other and audiences are left thrilled, exhilarated and regularly moved to tears by what they witness. Jonathan is not only a master of his art but is acutely aware of promoting his message of self awareness and practicing compassion which he calls being a Free Spirit.

Free Spirits Show

Free Spirits Show

Animal activities License Number: LI21_002911

The animal welfare (licensing of activities involving animals)(England) regulations 2018-keeping or training animals for exhibition

email: jonmarshal@hotmail.com

UK phone: +447863518812

Spanish phone: +34615530300

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