Why sponsor this Jonathan Marshall Shows? 

Anyone interested who has a product or service you want marketed or promoted to the most elite and/or dedicated people in the equestrian business? 

Jonathan Marshall Shows offers great exceptional cross promotion and a huge fan base! 

Jonathan Marshall is the worlds number one horseback falconer and continues to perform at the largest outdoor events in the UK as well as Europe and the USA. His  dedication to his art is unparalleled and exceptional and he has educated himself in nutrition, soundness and fitness as well as the aspects involved in the disciplines high schooling and lure flying falcons. Jonathan is dedicated to the art of falconry and medieval horsemanship. His desire to excel in the spot light is formidable. If it is exposure that you want he will make that happen, at Royal County shows, on saddle pads, in photos and press releases. His lifetime career as a showman, musician and entertainer make for a perfect marriage of marketing exposure. Featured on numerous television  and press promotions, Jonathan WILL get you noticed. 

Jonathan  has integrity, passion and determination. You will stand tall and be proud to be part of this winning team. 

Jonathan is deeply grateful to his investors and sponsors. Your generous support and contributions help make him to take his message of positivity and compassion to as many people as possible and thrill  audiences around the world.

How can I sponsor Jonathan Marshall Shows? 

There is a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities available through Jonathan Marshall Shows including product endorsements and equipment/product donations. 

Here are just some of the benefits you will receive when supporting Jonathan Marshall Shows: 

* Logo placement on saddle pads during training and shows when permitted. 

* Your Logo or information displayed on Jonathan Marshall Shows marketing materials. 

* Advertisement of your business or service on Jonathan Marshall Shows Sponsorship support advertised in show programs, magazine articles and covers. 

* Advertisements posted on stall curtains at shows. 

* Your link and Logo along with personal endorsement listed on the high traffic, affluent targeted Jonathan Marshall Shows web site. 

* Professional Photographs of Jonathan, falcons and horses with your company logo and/or information. 

* Cross promotion and an exceptional client base.

Donations of Goods and Services 

Private Contributions 

Monetary contributions of any amount can be made directly of which 100% will be used to pay for upkeep of horses, falcons, travel expenses, and equipment. Please email Jonathan directly at info@jonathanmarshallshows.com or through the contact form on this site.



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