Amadeus the story of the black horse

Amadeus is not only a beautiful horse, but he has a beautiful soul. Over the years that he has been in my shows he has gained huge popularity among the visitors who attend.

Many people feel emotional when they see him running free and working with my team of falcons.

He seems to have a healing quality and his honest and gentle nature is very comforting and reassuring.

He has been a rock to me in recent years and especially throughout the uncertainty of 2020 to 2022.

If only every person in this world could be as kind, genuine and honest as Amadeus we would be living in a much better place.

You can escape to his world by immersing yourself in this book.

This heart warming story follows the life of Amadeus from the day he was born. He faces numerous situations which forces him to question his own feelings and decisions. He has an encounter with his own consciousness during a dream and learns to accept life and grow into his own wisdom. 

There is a film that accompanies this book which can be viewed by scanning the QR code which is inside the book itself.